NanoZip Installer

NanoZip is an experimental file archiver. It consists of several original compressors, put into a single file archiver program aiming for high compression efficiency. Now, since NanoZip is experimental it is not in the repo and is still closed source. Yet, it is a very very poweful compression tool.

You can get it using:

sudo ./



if [[ $EUID -ne 0 ]]; then
   echo "This script must be run as root" 1>&2
   exit 1

bold=`tput bold`
normal=`tput sgr0`

echo ''
echo ' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'
echo ''
echo '                     NanoZip Building Script'
echo ''
echo '      Built by Yuval (tisf) Nativ of the See-Security Group'
echo '       '
echo ''
echo ' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'
echo ''

mkdir /usr/bin/nz
cd /usr/bin/nz
wget --quiet
echo -e "\e[00;32m[+]\e[00m Get Zip."
echo -e "\e[00;32m[+]\e[00m Decompressed."
echo "alias nza='/usr/bin/nz/./nz a -cO -m1.2g'" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "alias nze='/usr/bin/nz/./nz x'" >> ~/.bashrc
echo -e ''
echo -e "\e[00;32m[+]\e[00m Done!"
echo -e "Use '${bold}nza archive_name filename1 filename2${normal}' to compress."
echo -e "Use '${bold}nze archivename${normal}' to extract."
echo -e "Reload terminal to use the shortcuts... and Be good!"
echo -e ""

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