Combina 0.4.2 is now here!

Combina 0.4.2 is now here!

So, after a way too long of a time we have updated combina!

Combina is a password generator and a rainbow table generator created by Danilo Cicerone at 2006. The program is written in C and since it is so efficient and effective (and written under the GNU license agreement) we had to make some improvements since it was deprecated. Thanks to Ohad Gopher (Hacking Defined Experts 41) who made most of the changes to the code making it do more awesome tricks.

Change Log:

  • Combina can now generate NTLM hashes
  • Combina can now generate SHA256 hashes
  • Combina can now generate SHA384 hashes
  • Combina can now generate SHA512 hashes

We are still open to more suggestions but since this program was very close to perfection when it came out, we didn’t see anything else which needed to be added. You can get the source using :


Install using:

sudo apt-get install libargtable2-dev libssl-dev

make combina

make install

Or you can use this ready made script to do all of it:


chmod +x

sudo ./

It Looks like this:


# Check for root
 if [[ $EUID -ne 0 ]]; then
 echo "This script must be run as root" 1>&2
 exit 1

bold=`tput bold`
 normal=`tput sgr0`

 echo ''
 echo ' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'
 echo ''
 echo '                  Combina 0.4.2 Installation Script'
 echo ''
 echo '      Built by Yuval (tisf) Nativ of the See-Security Group'
 echo '       '
 echo ''
 echo ' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'
 echo ''

# Check for libssl-dev
 PKG_OK=$(dpkg-query -W --showformat='${Status}\n' libssl-dev|grep "install ok installed")
 if [ "" == "$PKG_OK" ]; then
 echo "No libssl-dev. Setting up libssl-dev."
 sudo apt-get --force-yes --yes install libssl-dev

# Check for libargtable2-dev
 PKG_OK=$(dpkg-query -W --showformat='${Status}\n' libargtable2-dev|grep "install ok installed")
 if [ "" == "$PKG_OK" ]; then
 echo "No libargtable2-dev. Setting up libargtable2-dev."
 sudo apt-get --force-yes --yes install libargtable2-dev

echo -e "\e[00;32m[+]\e[00m All dependencies are OK."

# Starting the installation
 cd /tmp
 wget --quiet
 echo -e "\e[00;32m[+]\e[00m Combina's tarball is now here."
 tar xfv combina-0.4.2_src.tar.gz > /dev/null
 make combina > Compilation_Log.log
 sudo make install > InstallationLog.log
 echo -e "\e[00;32m[+]\e[00m Compiled and Installed."

# Final Checkups
 which combina >/dev/null
 if [ $? -eq 1 ]
 echo -e "\e[00;31m[-]\e[00m Combina was not installed successfully."
 echo -e "\e[00;31m[-]\e[00m Go see Compilation_Log.log or InstallationLog.log to see what went wrong."
 echo -e "\e[00;31m[-]\e[00m Please submit errors to"
 echo -e "\e[00;32m[+]\e[00m Combina 0.4.2 was installed successfully :-)"
 echo ""
 echo -e "Use${bold} combina --help ${normal}to see more"

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