All the comments here are from students studied on the Hacking Defined Experts program. Some requested to publish their comments without references and some were kind enough to provide contact details. Those who did – feel free to contact them. If you were a student at the program, we’ll be happy to take your feedback (any feedback) at our contact form.



Ariel Goarian - A graduate from HDE-35


My name is Ariel Goarian.

A few months ago I began looking for a course in the field of Hacking. After a long search and much time spent exploring the internet trying to do so, I did not find any course which could be compared to the Hacking course provided by the See-Security Collage, taking the level and amount of material in to account. I decided to come all the way from the north of the country to study there. I’m pleased with each and every moment I spent in the class room.

I started out not knowing the meaning o the word “Hacking”… however today I can proudly say I know what hacking is and what it means to be a Hacker. The course holds a very high level on both levels of the campus, faculty and administrative staff.

I have received a very large amount of knowledge. The lecturer was highly professional in every aspect and full of knowledge to put out. We executed high level attacks and had a good environment to do so. The professor was there for us every step of the way via both email and phone. He used to take the time to check every home work assignment sent to him until late hours at night and I have no doubt that thanks to him and this class I find it easier to handle myself outside… in the field.

I recommend the See-Security collage in every aspect and am willing to do so over the phone as well – +972-52-6727838.


Anonymous. - A graduate from HDE-35


HDE program gave me a significant advantage at InfoSec comparing to other courses due to the fact that in this program you examine the hacking world from within with good teachers which knows the world from within. In this program we learned useful tools and gained huge amount of knowledge with guidance that will not let you miss a thing even when studying at home.

I’d like to thank Yuval Nativ and Shay Priel for the interesting classes and the great exercises and home works which were so fun and also to Avi and Elvira which runs everything and does not miss a thing.

I’ll see you all again :)


D.R. - A graduate from HDE-30


I’ve learned in October 2011 at the See-Security Defined Experts Hacking course.

The course was fascinating, I saw how you can do things that are far beyond what I imagined.

As a person who loves to test and try  new and original things , I felt for many years that  this is a field I should learn more about  and the course allowed me to do just that. The course was built of lectures, exercises and home exercises. The lectures were of a very high quality and level and the lecturers were excellent. The exercises given portrayed on one hand the course material while on the other hand enabled independent thought which in my opinion is one of the most important things in this field of expertise.

The scope of the course was a good for a start, but a large amount of effort is required of the students beyond the hours of the course.

There is no doubt that the quality of the course I participated in was very high, I highly recommend it!

Today I run the software sector hi – tech medical field which is not directly related to the course, but again, I can say that the course changed my vision on various topics, and contributed a lot.

Maor - A graduate of HDE

I am a graduate of the Hacking Defined Experts course.

The course was very intense and included a very large amount of study material, in fact it covered almost every hacking aspect there is, starting from client-side attacks, system attacks, breaking into websites and servers and up to WiFi network penetrations and reverse engineering.

The lecturers are very famous in the information security field and of a very high level of professionalism and knowledge. They gave us a “taste” from every possible field of Cyber warfare and information security while we of course put in a large amount of hours continuing the study at home.

The class exercises were fun and included quite a few challenges and were a great way to study, learn and gain experience.

Personally. The course broadened my mind and opened me up to new ways of thinking and gave me a new perspectives of the world of information security and the world wide web. My work as a programmer helped as well and today the codes I write are safer without a doubt.

I would be more than happy to talk and recommend the course to others…



Magazines and News Items

People and Computers Magazine

“The Hacking Defined Experts program has now been available for over a decade is considers to be the “Big Dark Brother” of other ethical hacking courses.

About 20 students graduated from class 35 of the prestigious program all of them with background in networking, developments and system. Some are from the private sector and some for the national security sector.”

Full article here in Hebrew.

Wallstreet Journal

“See Security offers a course in “expert”-level hacking where students are taught advanced techniques for breaking into computer systems and then practice hacking virtual computer networks designed specially for the course.

But most of the students in the course come from Israel’s Defense Ministry and the military rather than from private companies.”

Full article in English at the WallStreet Journal

Security Flaw in ISP disclosed by our student

A security flaw in an ISP named “Internet Rimon” discovered by our graduate (was a student at the time of discovery) Ariel Goarian, broadcasted on national TV.

You can view the video here.

Reshet B - Israeli Radio

An interview about the big DDoS attack of Cyberbunker on Spamhaus.

Full interview in Hebrew.


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Our hacker explaining about the DarkNet. [Heb]