As a course intended for hackers which requires high level of technical skills we believe that in order to be able to teach hacking we must stay on top of the field by conducting penetration tests, research and development. The tools here are either our creation or built on open source platforms and been modified and upgraded to fit the needs of a real penetration tester.

[Pictures are soon to come :) ]


The MagnoKisser

This small device has a storage of 2GB. It reads 3 strips magnetic cards, has only a regular LED to indicate successful read (green) or bad swipe (red). It then stores the data on each strip on separate tracks in the database which is on protected storage to protect from information falling into the wrong hands. The information can then be read and analysed – which most of the times not only allows cloning of a card, but also fabricating a new one, or a known card without the need to swipe it first.


The Puma!

Named after the Israeli Puma (Engineering Obstacle Breacher) is based on a little Raspberry Pi with loads of hours and tools weaved into the system. It is able to handle most NAC systems, sniff traffic, provide remote control, work with 3G modems, log all activities, recognize potential attack vectors and attack them and much much more. When all little tuneups will be done, source will be released.


RFID Boofer

Built with a little Arudino Uno it scans a 125 MHz RFID chips and stores the data into a small buffer. Later on, the data on the buffer can be exported and written into another 125 MHz chip with the click of a button. Effective range of 20 cm due to a 9 V max voltage.



The USBoomer uses a basic teensy device along with specially crafted payloads for many functionalities such as add administrative user, disable UAC, reverse shell and much much more. Fine tuning and careful build of the payloads allow them to be executed very fast and fulfil their functions. The USBoomer actually has a small CPU allowing it to connect to the device as an HID (Human Interface Device such as keyboard, mice, joystick, bamboo tablet and more) and pretend to be a keyboard while typing the malicious payload into the system.


Arduino WorkShop



Raspberry Pi Workshop